The 8-Week Game-Changing Mastermind for High-Achievers

Quit the life you thought would make you happy, live one that does

No Matter What You're Trying To change… Self, Relationships, Business!

Our Guided 8-Week Mastermind

For high performers that want change, and don’t want to go it alone, our mastermind combines structured, proven exercises to help uncover the best version of you, and expert level coaching with an amazing community of like minded individuals to power you through your shift and help you sustain it.

01 Tools

We focus on providing you with tools that work for where you are, that are reliable when you need them most. From reflection questions to conversation starters to journaling exercises, our tools have been tested by hundreds and will work to facilitate your transformation

02 Structure

We pride ourselves on offering you a powerful structure with our coaching that you can trust helps you most. We focus on asking pointed questions, challenging your beliefs, and giving you space to share and work through expression of your fears, guiding you to new discoveries and breakthroughs reliably and consistently.

03 Results

Unlike other programs, our goal isn’t to add more to your life. Our 8-week structure generates a powerful change in your life that lasts by cutting out (quitting!) what isn’t working, and isn’t making you happy. We want you to get more of what you want, and our mastermind program will help you quit the habits, patterns and work that no longer serve you so you can begin the life you truly want, not just sit and dream about it.

Who Is It For?

The Quitters club mastermind is for the high-performance, full-throttle individual that has achieved success in their life and has started to discover that there’s a lack of fulfilment in their work, their habits, and their way of life.

This is for you if you know it’s time to make a change, and you’re ready to quit the life you thought would make you happy. You want a structure, a process, weekly coaching, accountability and something you can follow step by step, and you want to be around others going through change and growing their life too.

When we spend our lives achieving and moving the goal posts over and over, working for things we may not care about, repeating the same patterns of self-sabotage, and limiting the life we know we’re capable of having, we start to question whether we’re worthy, whether we’re good enough or ready for it. And eventually, we start to feel frustrated, trapped, and restricted – often times taking that out on others, family, friends or ourselves.

You want it all. The path that you’re on, though, seems to be taking you further from a deep sense of purpose and happiness. This is for you if you’re clear that you want help, are ready to commit to the work, and are prepared to look in the mirror and do the work that will create the life you want, because you can have it all. Your life grows to the extent that you do – and this mastermind is for you if you’re ready to grow internally so you can have more externally.

It’s time to quit – to remove what no longer serves you and build a life that will live into the limitlessness you possess.

This mastermind will help you uncover what matters most, discover what you need to eliminate from your life and guide you through that change, with the support of expert coaches and others experiencing the shift right beside you.

Join us for our 8-week mastermind program and begin your quitting journey today.

The process, the community, and the way things are coming together for me in a slow steady great pace is making a huge difference in my life.


The Quitters Club

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