Quit The Life You Thought Would Make You Happy and Start Living the One That Does!

What is The Quitters Club?

The Quitters Club is a movement to reframe what it means to quit – from negative into a life-changing positive.

We help high performance men and women create the life they want by quitting what no longer serves them. We help them earn more, spend more time with family, build businesses that make an impact, and let go of old habits and self-sabotage.

From quitting your job to leading the life you love or quitting the habit of putting your family on the back burner, the Quitters Club’s proven systems and frameworks, with expert level personal development coaches, will help you evolve, grow and build the life you have always dreamed and wanted.

Quitters Club Community

Quitters Club Community




8-week Group Coaching Program

Our Guided Quitters Club Mastermind

expert-level coaching with a proven framework for quitting.

8 Weeks

Weekly calls, structured tools, and an ecosystem that encourages taking big action and making change.

8 Steps

Master the 8 Steps to Quitting with step-by-step instructions and exercises that will guide you to the quit that you need to be happy.


Join other Quitters with high level accountability, weekly exercises and a structured process.

Our Transformational Quitters Club Retreats

No Limits

Our 4.5-day retreat help high achievers quit the W-2, quit playing small, quit your bad habits and negative patterns, and get the life that you know you're capable of having.

Book Now!

Book your seat in an all-inclusive, Luxury Rental Space, with a private chef, adventures, and development sessions that will change your future and guide you through your quit.

Win at Life

Guests have created successful businesses, quit jobs to start real estate careers, built new family dynamics, and quit the lives that they thought would make them happy.

Event Dates

Current Open Retreat dates:

  • September 14-18
  • October 13-16
  • January 12-15
Ian Lobas
Ian Lobas

Your Transformation Awaits

Meet Your Coaches

The founders of The Quitters Club, Ian Lobas, Aaron Velky, Pat Hiban, and Tim Rhode, are all Quitters. Each of them left a successful career to build a life that they could be proud of, one that made them happy and offered a sense of fulfilment.

We believe that quitting is an important part of happiness and creating the life that you desire – where you can be the most authentic version of yourself, do work that matters, and create the family and friendships you desire.

You might have to quit your old habits, your unfulfilling work, or the patterns of self-sabotage. And we’re here to help you find success in your new life, with tools, masterminds and coaching that powers you through your biggest life change yet.

Aaron Velky

Praise for The Quitters Club

The process, the community, and the way things are coming together for me in a slow steady great pace is making a huge difference in my life.


My wife said I seem happier. I feel happier. She also said that when I talk to her I sound like I care more. When I compliment her it sounds like I really mean it.


I’m still figuring out the details of my future self, but I already feel so incredibly aligned with that future self I’m identifying. This is some powerful shit!


Get Started Now!

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A simple manual that is going to show you how you can change your life, one habit at a time.

The Quitters Playbook

To help you stop living the life you thought would make you happy and start living one that does.

The Quitters Club
The Quitters Club

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